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Lola Ventures was conceptualized by professional athletes who realized the benefits of cannabis and saw an opportunity. Once teamed up with their head cultivator, the rest was history. One of the leading cannabis companies in the state of California was born when decades of experience were combined with the relentless work ethic and competitive nature that had brought its owners so much success on the court. At Lola Ventures, we take pride in breaking stereotypes and bringing people together. Find us in your local dispensary, and if you don’t, ask them about us.


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At Lola we take pride in our surroundings and the people that have allowed our company to establish its roots in their backyard. In return, we are excited about the opportunities and jobs that we have been able to create in our community. Local hires have allowed us to connect to our community and region thoroughly. Keep an eye out for us at your local cannabis events in the Bay Area, we look forward to bonding over the love of health, community, and happiness that marijuana provides.


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We take pride in producing the finest and most well nurtured indoor flower in the state. Our goal and focus for growing lies heavily toward quality and efficiency. We spend our energy on making sure that every plant that comes from our state of the art facility has maximized its terpene profile and ready to be enjoyed by all your senses. Find us at your local dispensary and see for yourself.

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Lola Ventures

Contra Costa County, CA